Sleep is an ongoing theme in a lot of our culture’s fairy tales. Sleeping Beauty waited for her prince for 100 years, remaining youthful and attractive the entire time she snoozed in the castle tower. While most of us don’t need 100 years of sleep to stay beautiful, there is research that suggests the right amount of sleep does make us look better overall.

Researchers at the University of Michigan used a technique called photogrammetry to measure attractiveness of patients being treated for sleep apnea. Their goal was to determine if individuals who got better sleep had a more youthful and beautiful appearance than those who did not. The photographs were taken before and after treatment and compared. It was determined that after months of effective therapy leading to uninterrupted sleep, individuals were told more often that they looked better, healthier, and more attractive than those who did not get enough restful sleep.

While this information was based on a very limited number of study participants, no one can really deny that sleep helps our overall health.

What are some of the keys to getting good beauty sleep?

Exercise regularly

A good physical activity routine will help you sleep better. If you aren’t currently on an exercise plan try to add a 20 minute walk to your daily activities. Exercise also reduces the hormones in your body that cause stress that can affect your sleep at night.

No late night snacks

If you eat late at night, the active digestive process can actually interrupt your sleep. Also be sure not to drink anything containing caffeine for at least four hours before you go to sleep. If you are craving something before bed, enjoy a cup of chamomile tea.

Always sleep in your bed

Sleeping on your sofa in front of the television can cause frequent interruptions in your regular sleep cycle. On the flip side, don’t watch TV or work from your bed. Make sure your bedroom is a cozy sleeping environment. Keep the room dark, quiet, and cool, but not cold.

Establish a nighttime ritual

Inconsistency is the enemy of a good night’s sleep. Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. Create routines at night that are relaxing like a bath, reading before bed, or listening to soothing music.

Try not to think too much

Another barrier to a good night’s sleep is a racing mind. If you’re thinking about your day or things you have to remember to do, you won’t fall asleep when your head hits the pillow. Try writing a To-Do list for the following day so you can go to sleep assured that you won’t forget anything.

Do you know of any other tips for getting a good night of beauty sleep?

Image by Melanie Hughes via Flickr


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