Kickstarter, a website where artists can go to have their projects funded even before the first brush strokes or casting calls are made, is a treasure trove of interesting projects. From singers to chefs to writers, there are many people using Kickstarter to accomplish their artistic dreams, but also to spread the word about their passions.

These three Kickstarters, in particular, take a look at mental health. All of these projects aim to break down some of the stigmas around mental health, while also educating the public about these important topics. Kickstarter allowed these artists to find their voice, and their audience, before production even started.

Kiss My Disorder — Unique Apparel for Mental Health 

Kiss My Disorder is a specialty clothing brand that challenges the silence around mental disorders and, instead, displays them loud and proud on their clothing. Beautifully designed and made with high-quality materials, this line of t-shirts begins to break down some of the barriers around common mental health conditions. Their designs include takes on ADHD, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Fidgety Fairy Tales — The Mental Health Musicals 

If you live in Minnesota, you can now attend a free performance from the Fidgety Fairy Tales production company. Classic fairy tales, like Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast, get a mental health twist in order to spread awareness about these disorders. Little Red Riding Hood has ADHD and wanders off on her way to her grandma’s house. The characters in Beauty and the Beast have to work through the effects of autism.

The musical company is actually a side project of the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health. Even if you don’t live in Minnesota, you can watch some snippets from their performances on YouTube or follow along on their Facebook page.

that’s crazy, a documentary 

One documentary, that’s crazy, hopes to find another way to discuss treatments for mental health conditions. The film follows one schizophrenic patient as he tries to find his own voice and choice for his treatment, instead of relying on court ordered medications. Most importantly, the film hopes to profile people who have found full recovery from mental conditions, through their own way. As they write, the film “presents the experience of the people who have been through the fire and back again. We are committed to this film because we think what they’re saying is eventually going to effect everybody.”

Have you supported any Kickstarter projects? These are all funded already, but keep an eye out for new ones every day!

Image by Fred Benenson via Flickr


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