All over the world today, people who have or have been affected by cancer are rallying together to spread awareness and help reduce the stigma associated with cancer. World Cancer Day is a joint operation between many different international agencies, with events occurring in countries across the globe.

Individuals are uniting together this World Cancer Day under the tagline, “Debunk the myths.” 

The four myths specifically targeted are:

Through the event’s website, individuals can access information that debunks those myths as well as fact sheets, global resources, and promotional items for spreading the truth behind each myth. In particular, the website notes that many people suffering from cancer in developing countries don’t have access to the same awareness and resources that could help them treat and potentially cure their cancer. Many people die unnecessarily due to this resources gap. A child with cancer in certain countries may only have a survival rate of ~10%, as compared to ~90% in high-income countries. In order to prevent these and future deaths, the world community needs to unite behind education and awareness.

In order to help, you can attend one of the many events that are taking place. Find the one closest to you on the website.  If you can’t attend a local event, the website also urges everybody to talk about their experience with cancer using the hashtag #WorldCancerDay on social media and sharing informational World Cancer Day posters online or at work. If you want to help even more, there are resources for building corporate partnerships, creating local events, and spreading awareness with fact and evidence sheets.

Cancer affects so many people all over the world. On this one day, we can all combine forces to help spread awareness, education, and resources for facing the fight together.

How has cancer impacted your life? Tell us your stories in the comments!

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