Getting a good night of sleep–both in hours and quality–could be as easy as turning to your iPhone or Android. Multiple mobile apps exist that promise to help people find the best sleep possible, whether through alarm programs or yoga practices.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock 

The premise behind this mobile app is pretty genius. Your phone tracks your movements during the night. People sleep differently when they’re in various stages of sleep and feel most rested when they wake up out of light sleep. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock app analyzes your movements and then progressively wakes up during those light periods of sleep. It also tracks your sleep quality over time, measures sleep against physical activity levels, and provides sleep aids to help you fall asleep. It’s the top-paid app in the Apple store in the U.S., UK, and many other countries.

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson 

Created by a clinical hypnotist in the UK, Deep Sleep brings the power of hypnotism to bring you through a relaxing guided meditation until you fall asleep. Many reviewers say that this app has helped them cure insomnia and has really improved their overall quality of life. Andrew Johnson also sells other apps that help with relaxation, addiction problems, and anxiety through guided meditations.

Yoga for Insomnia 

Yoga for Insomnia app provides a series of yoga poses that are designed to reduce insomnia. The app integrates stress reduction techniques with meditation for a better quality of sleep. While the two previous apps help with sleep once your head is already on the pillow, this one allows you to work on your sleep at any time of the day. The makers recommend doing it twice a day, with at least one of those times occurring right before you go to bed.

Have you tried these, or any other, mobile apps to help your sleeping habits? What are your favorites? 

Image by Johan Larsson via Flickr


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