If you find sleep elusive or just want to have better quality sleep and feel more rested in the morning, consider some of the natural remedies available. While there are some physical activities you can do, like meditation or yoga to get a better, there are also a number of herbs and minerals for which you do not need any sort of prescription that can also help. Safe and proper use may help you get the right number of Zzzs every night.

Check out this list of natural remedies that you can find at your local co-op or health food store.

Magnesium and calcium

Both of these healthy minerals promote proper sleep, but when taken together they pack a super sleep combination. The heart and bone health benefits are a bonus.

Wild lettuce

This supplement is great for reducing anxiety, preventing headaches, and relieving muscle and joint pain. It can help calm your restlessness and get you to sleep faster. As an added bonus, it has been shown to have a positive effect on restless leg syndrome.


Beer lovers around the world already know the many benefits of hops, the flavor being among the favorites. The extract of hops can also help calm your nerves and work as a mild sedative to alleviate insomnia or anxiety.


The best use of this fragrant herb is as aroma therapy. It has been proven to aid in sleep for hundreds of years. Buy a lavender sachet or pillow to sleep with or buy the essential oil and put a few drops in an infuser or directly on your sheets.

Green tea

The amino acid found in green tea is called L-theanine that can help promote sleep. Some people suggest taking the amino acid directly since you may have to drink too much green tea to get the effects.

Do you use natural sleep remedies?

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