From the beginning, the legalization of medical marijuana in Nevada has been difficult. For years, chronic pain patients have been allowed to grow a few marijuana plants, but it was illegal to actually buy the plants or seeds to do so. In 2013, Nevada legislators eventually did legalize dispensaries that could sell medicinal marijuana to patients with medical marijuana prescriptions, both from Nevada and individuals from other states with proof.

While it may seem that Nevada medical marijuana is finally becoming available–with Nevada individuals like Assemblyman William Horne and organizations like MMJ PAC organizing the process–there are still roadblocks.

The first of these comes down to the individual city mayors agreeing to the dispensary plans. While medical marijuana has been legalized state-wide, it is still up to local mayors to allow (or prohibit) dispensaries within their city limits with zoning regulations.

The move, however, is towards more openness and availability of medical marijuana products in Nevada. 

Medical marijuana as a treatment option is, understandably, still highly controversial. While federal laws still prohibit the use and possession of marijuana, it has been used medicinally for approximately 5,000 years. Many people have turned to it for treating chronic pain as well as other health conditions, like multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, eczema, and epilepsy.

For treating conditions of chronic pain, especially low back pain, neck pain, hip pain, and knee pain, researchers have found evidence that marijuana is an effective treatment option. According to the Mayo Clinic, it has “been used in patients for whom other pain relief medications are not working.”

Nevada is just one of many states that are beginning to allow medical marijuana within their borders. Many champion that Nevada is the perfect place for such an action, with its history of regulating and allowing normally restricted activities, like gambling. Moreso, there are many proponents within the community who are willing to invest in medical marijuana dispensaries.

While Nevada medical marijuana may just be in the beginning stages, it could hold the key for treating chronic pain that hasn’t responded to other treatment plans.

What are your thoughts on the legalization of medical marijuana in Nevada? 

Image by Chuck Grimmett via Flickr


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