Over the last month, we’ve looked at our fair share of the ways that technology is impacting medicine. Initiatives such as robots, Google Glass for wound care, Kickstarter driven mental health solutions, and mobile apps that track sleep quality are all fascinating.

However, at Nevada Pain we believe that these technology solutions are only helpful when paired with thoughtful and compassionate patient care. 

In particular, we loved Edwin Acevedo, Jr.’s post at KevinMD.com that discussed the true meaning of patient compassion and medicine in our overly harried world. As he explains in the post, one day he stopped to help an older woman who was stuck in traffic with a broken-down car. He writes:

Four strangers got together to help this old woman get off the road safely.  We worked without words, like a machine. We worked quickly and efficiently — like brothers — all without even making eye contact. What occurred today is what medicine feels like. It’s not hard science. It’s not protein transcription, chest CTs, and pre-operative clearance. It’s not stethoscopes, big words, or fancy $3,000 medications.  Medicine is healing. And it can be done with words, actions, or a smile.

We love the distilling of patient compassion down to words, actions, and most importantly, a smile. In all of our pain clinics, we strive to ensure that the patient is at the center of care. It’s expressed in our core motto: “We change lives around here.” We put this to practice by creating comprehensive and individualized treatment plans where the patient’s mental and physical well-being are paramount.

Every day, though, we also try to put this into practice with a smile. A kind word. More questions to better understand a patient’s feelings. 

If you ever have any questions about your care, you can always reach out to us in a number of ways. We’re available by phone and email, but we’re also listening on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. There’s also a full library of videos that attempt to explain many of the pain conditions we treat at Nevada Pain.

Do you have any questions about your condition or treatment plan? How important is compassion for you when choosing a physician? 

Image by Ben Smith via Flickr


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