With some basic exercises, you may be able to improve overall health, physique, and even find benefits for injury rehabilitation. Pilates, a physical fitness system designed by Joseph Pilates, has millions of practitioners worldwide following its development in the early twentieth century. The exercise routine focuses on the core muscle groups and emphasizes concentration, control, centering, precision, and breathing.

Since these are many of the same principles that guide rehab, many are beginning to use Pilates for injury rehabilitation. 

Irina Scherbo, a Pilates instructor and owner of Pilates by Irina in Las Vegas, champions the use of low-impact Pilates for exercise and rehabilitation efforts. She notes that many of her customers have quit using pain medications and prevented further surgeries by the use of Pilates.

Pilates can help practitioners by contributing to overall mindfulness of the body and places of pain. Each session can be tailored to the individual and scaled according to his or her level of fitness, flexibility, and muscle strength. Many Pilates instructors claim that the practice can promote positive experiences, and by bringing the body through the exercises, those with injuries can slowly work on improving their overall fitness and core stability. The use of the “Reformer,” a sliding carriage used in Pilates, also assists the individual in performing each move correctly and in proper alignment.

Further, many are turning to Pilates for injury prevention as a strong core can help athletes and other active individuals move more efficiently and balanced. 

Before beginning a Pilates program, make sure to talk to your doctor about the practice. Most importantly, if using Pilates for injury rehabilitation, make sure to find an instructor who  is trained in proper physical therapy techniques. Pilates by Irina is focused on injury rehabilitation, but there are other places in Las Vegas that can work with rehabilitation, including Inferno Hot Pilates in Spring Valley. Talk to your doctor, pain specialist, or another trusted resource to find a Pilates instructor who can help with your specific injury or pain condition.

Have you ever tried Pilates for injury rehabilitation? 

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