Washoe County’s REMSA (Regional Emergence Medical Services Authority) has been a valuable non-profit community service for over 20 years for those living in the Reno area. Started as an ambulance transport service, the organization now also provides special operations teams, wheelchair transport, and community programs, including flu and pneumonia vaccinations. Their Tactical Emergency Medical Support team provides advanced medical care on the front lines of action with police–whether during hostage situations or drug raids.

REMSA recently released a new benefit for the community–a dedicated nurse health line to handle non-emergency health questions. 

The nurse health line is a free service. The line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to people in Washoe County.

Instead of calling 9-1-1 for non-emergencies, the new line allows individuals to ask questions about their specific symptoms in order to decide whether or not they need further help or what they can do to prevent symptoms from worsening. Nurses are also available to answer medical health questions about certain medical conditions or medications.

Moreso, the new nurse line acts as a resource center, providing references for local healthcare professionals, urgent care clinics, or other community service agencies that may benefit you according to your health concerns.

Many insurance carriers do provide this or a similar service when you are a customer. The new offering from REMSA provides this same service regardless of insurance status, however. These open nurse lines can help benefit patients by lowering health costs, reducing costly trips to the emergency room, and advising patients on cost-effective solutions for their conditions.

Nurse lines, like REMSA’s newest one, are also an invaluable resource when it comes to peace of mind.

Instead of worrying about a crying baby or parent with dementia, registered nurses can give you sound advice on managing issues and preventing further problems.

Have you ever called a nurse line to ask about your own health concerns? 

Image by IntelFreePress via Flickr


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