IndieGoGo is an online crowdsourcing platform that allows anybody to raise money for a dream or goal of their choice. Crowdsourcing is built around the idea that people with great projects can “pitch” that project to the public, who will then help fund the project itself with some incentive upon completion for their help. Since it’s creation in 2008, the platform has helped raise millions of dollars for campaigns world-wide.

Since IndieGoGo allows anybody to create a project in any area, some of the most exciting ones follow health initiatives, devices, and projects. 

Many health-related projects have already been funded and released to the public or moved into the development stage. Three of the most interesting ones include:

American Gut

This large-scale crowdsourcing campaign hoped to use public involvement to map out the complex microbial ecosystems in the gut of humans (and dogs!). By participating, individuals can compare their own gut microbiome and help scientists use the results to better understand what factors, like climate, genes, or lifestyle, ultimately affect health the most. The project raised over $300,000 and is currently still accepting submissions to create a more comprehensive map of the American Gut.

DCT ProFlex device 

The DCT ProFlex device was a new prototype for physical therapy and stretching for lower leg and foot muscles. The DCT team asked for $30,000 to make that prototype into a reality and, in November 2013, they did. The project was completely funded, with preordering started for the device. With use, the company claims that individuals can, with the help of a therapist or individually, alleviate pain from plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and heel spurs, as well as improve posture and gait.

PlaceboEffect mobile app

The team behind PlaceboEffect realized that the power of placebos in medicine may be harnessed in a personal way and used on purpose to help individuals with health and wellness initiatives. Their IndieGoGo project focused on creating a mobile app that allows you to create personal “placebos” that you can use when working towards a goal. Friends and family members can create video, text, or audio messages to use for daily support. After the campaign, PlaceboEffect did go on to create a 5-star app for iPhones that you can download today!

While these are examples that show the projects larger organizations can undertake, there are many individuals putting together projects on IndieGoGo for their own fundraising initiatives and to help those with health conditions. Find even more projects at

Have you ever funded a project on IndieGoGo? 

Image by Devin Smith via Flickr


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