We live in interesting times. In generations past, exercise was part of our daily routines. Walking and farming provided all of the exercise we needed to maintain a reasonable standard of health. But the industrial age changed all that and eventually led to our current society wherein a large percentage of adults in the United States spend the majority of their time sitting at a desk all day. We’ve even created a culture around the act of going to a separate place to use machines that simulate real activities.

Lack of exercise is affecting people from an early age. Many people blame the popularity of video games, along with poor diet choices, for the problem of childhood obesity. What if there were ways to combine gaming and exercise? Some console systems and other formats are doing just that.

Here are some of the games, platforms, and apps that offer a chance for more physical activity while playing games.

Nintendo Wii Fit 

This gaming platform became popular in the early 2000s because of its easy-to-play mechanics. Families quickly took on bowling and other fun activities with the Wii. Soon, the platform released the Wii Fit, a home fitness system using the virtual system to exercise and track your goals.


Not to be outdone by its competitors, Sony’s Playstation console released their version of the fitness platform called PlayStationMove. While the Wii uses a physical stand to detect your movements and rate your progress, the PlaystationMove uses motion activated technology. The games aren’t necessarily typical exercise programs like yoga or cardio but rather fun games that incorporate physical movement into the play.  

Kinect for Xbox 360

Similar to the PlayStationMove, the Kinect also works with motion sensor technology. They offer games that are both advanced training programs as well as fun kid friendly activities. They also have popular dance based games that can get you moving and grooving.


You don’t always need a specialized gaming console to get moving. One of the most popular smart phone apps for activity is Fitocracy. You can sign up for free. The app allows you to access their social media platform and track your fitness and connect with others using the program. The system gamifies fitness by offering quests and achievements to users.

What are some fun ways you’ve added gamified exercises to lose weight into your life?

Image by delta_avi_delta via Flickr


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