If you’re beginning to think about how you can incorporate more activity into your daily routine, consider strapping on a bracelet.

The newest wave of wearable technology often comes in the form of a bracelet. The best ones run between $100 and $200 and can track daily steps, calories burned, sleep habits, and heart rate. By tracking these key health indicators, you can get a better handle on how much activity you’re actually getting on a given day and how you can get more. Even better, tracking health in this way can become fun as you try to compete against previous milestones and work towards greater future goals.

Some of the better wearables combine intelligent tracking technology with great and fashionable design. Our favorites include:

  • The Fitbit Flex: The more affordable Fitbit Flex seamlessly syncs with your computer or smart phone to track health indicators. It also has a removable band that you can swap out to change the color in order to better color coordinate with your outfit.
  • Nike+ FuelBand SE: Nike’s wearable bracelet is an appropriately sporty, yet still fashionable piece of technology. It tracks all activity and then converts it into “fuel” points to better help you compare activity over time.
  • Jawbone UP: Sleek and comfortable, the Jawbone UP tracks daily activity and sleep and also includes a vibrating silent alarm. It shows activity in a well-designed app that you use on a smart phone device.
  • MIO Alpha BLE: The MIO Alpha is the watch to get for more extreme athletes. It’s design is very secure on the wrist and displays heart rate rather than steps taken or distance. Indicator lights show when your heart rate is above, below, or on target.

New wearables recently shown at Vegas’ CES conference showcase the future of wearables. Some, like Netatmo’s June, tracks daily sun exposure and provides sun protection advice based on skin type, while Movea’s G-series incorporates smart design with step count trackers, calories burned, as well as posture sensor. CSR’s smart jewelry creates technology with an elegant look that can be worn anywhere. Finally, Garmin’s Vivofit promises wearable technology that can track data for a year on just one single charge.

Are you interested in wearables for tracking your own health? Do you already own one? 

Image by Kazuhiro Keino via Flickr 


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