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When Pain Causes Depression

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Does pain cause depression or does depression cause pain? Unfortunately there appears to be no clear picture on what comes first. However, pain specialists and other medical professionals are beginning to understand the correlation between the two conditions and are focusing efforts on treating patients holistically. Ignoring one condition over [...]

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Medicines Used for Back Pain

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80% of patients who visited a primary care provider for back pain were prescribed at least one medication, notes Dr. Mark Borigini in a post for Psychology Today. As discussed earlier on this blog, there are obviously many treatment options for back pain--ranging from physical therapy to epidural steroid injections. Medicines used for [...]

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Acupuncture for Depression

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Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and a study conducted by The University of York in the UK have suggested that anti-depression medication may work better in patients who are also undergoing acupuncture treatments for their depression. In the University of York study, researchers evaluated 755 random patients undergoing treatment [...]

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