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Nevada Pain Treatments For Back Pain

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Back pain can be a complex condition with multiple treatments. At Nevada Pain, we offer many different options for our patients, working with their particular condition and history to find the safest, least invasive treatment for them. The first step of any treatment is gathering a detailed health history including [...]

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Cutting-Edge Treatments At Nevada Pain

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At Nevada Pain, we take a holistic approach to pain management. Our philosophy is simple. We care for our patients as if they were family, offering cutting-edge treatments and therapies and guiding decision-making by asking ourselves: “Is this the care I would want for my mom or dad?” Watch This [...]

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How Hormones Affect Headaches

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A woman's menstrual cycle can affect more than just monthly periods. During each phase of the month, the hormonal changes that a woman faces may trigger other things such as cramps or even headaches. Women's hormones actually can affect headache fluctuations each month. The hormones estrogen and progesterone affect headache [...]

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Day of Women’s Health Spotlight on Fibromyalgia Pain

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Approximately 100 million people in the U.S. suffer from chronic pain, with women disproportionately affected by it as compared to men. According to an article on The Wall Street Journal, the "prevalence of any chronic pain condition was 45% among women, versus 31% among men." Women are more likely to suffer [...]

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Alternative Treatments for Headache Pain

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Headaches are caused by a multitude of triggers, however, they are defined as pain experienced by the nerves in the membranes inside the skull or major nerves that radiate out from the brain, most often caused by irritation, inflammation, or injury. Headaches themselves can further be subdivided into tension, cluster, [...]

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