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Blogs We Love: Hurt Blogger

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Finding support can be difficult, especially when you’re struggling with an invisible illness. Counseling, group therapy, or support groups can all help when you’re feeling isolated, but so can finding a kindred spirit – especially one who works hard to encourage a community. Hurt Blogger, whose real name is Britt, [...]

Bridge The Gap: 3 Ways Technology Can Promote Mental Health

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Private. Hidden. Filtered. Isolated. These are the adjectives that chronic pain patients use to describe the way they feel when they share their chronic pain experiences. Many believe that others won’t understand or will judge them when they talk about their chronic pain, so they hide what they are feeling. [...]

Sites We Love: The Only Certainty Is Bad Grammar

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Chronic pain is a hidden disease. Many times there is no visible injury or impairment, but the pain is still very real. Because of this, many chronic pain sufferers hide their struggles and suffer in silence. Not Crystal Lindell, the woman behind a site we love, The Only Certainty Is [...]

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