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Lower Your Diabetes Risk With Exercise!

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In a recent publication in the Public Library of Science, researchers followed up on a Nurses Heath Study that began in 2000. Women who did not have diabetes were split into two groups; one that performed stretching exercises like yoga and one that performed aerobic exercise in order to study [...]

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Summertime Swimming for Health

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With summer just around the corner, many people are thinking about hitting the pool to cool off or catch some sun. Did you know that swimming has a number of health benefits, especially for those with chronic pain? Here are just a few reasons to swim and why you might want [...]

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The Benefits of Walking

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The mere thought of adding exercise to your routine can be enough to keep you from starting if you've never been very active. However, the benefits of fitness can't be overstated. Without much motivation or experience, what is the best exercise to start with? Experts suggest walking as a means [...]

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How Much Activity Do You Get in a Day?

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Any type of activity--from running to cycling to doing house work--is measured as the energy expenditure required for the activity, compared to the energy needed to sit quietly. Moderate activity exercises include walking, water aerobics, yoga, gardening, and even putting away groceries. Vigorous activities, however, are those that burn energy [...]

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