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Headaches In Children: Causes, Prevention, And Treatment

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Few things are worse than seeing your children in pain. If they have a scrape on their knee, it’s easy to clean it gently, bandage the knee, and give them a kiss. Usually that’s enough. But what about headaches in children? These can be harder to make “all better.” Children [...]

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Raising Pain Awareness

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For Pain Awareness Month in September, we took a good look at the ways ordinary people live their daily lives, even with pain. Education, awareness, and conversations with healthcare professionals can help guide those daily decisions and choices for the better. With even more education and public awareness, pain sufferers can [...]

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The Link Between Childhood Chronic Pain And Fibromyalgia

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There are approximately 1.5 billion worldwide chronic pain sufferers in the world, with one in 50 children under the age of eighteen suffering from chronic pain. Fifteen percent of all children suffer from musculoskeletal pain and other aches, but 2% of children suffer from pain that is debilitating enough to [...]