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Celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Day

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Responsible for nearly 50 million children in public school alone, teachers have some of the most demanding and stressful jobs in the nation. Teachers have dedicated their lives (and sometimes their health) to their pupils, standing on their feet all day, taking very little time for breaks, and bringing work [...]

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Healthy, Happy Kids

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Saturday, April 25 was Healthy Kids Day. As the school year winds down and summer approaches, it is important to put the lessons of the past year into practice. So what does this mean? Healthy kids don’t happen for just one day. Here are seven ways to make sure your [...]

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Benefits Of Exercise For Kids

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Childhood is often remembered as a fun-filled time, with children riding bikes, running outside, and playing with friends. Increasingly, this is not the case. The amount of time that children are spending outside is decreasing in direct proportion to the amount of time they are spending inside in front of [...]

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Celebrating National Family Fit Lifestyle Month

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January is National Family Fit Lifestyle month, and it couldn’t come at a better time. After the excesses of the holiday season and the pressure to make (and keep) New Year’s resolutions wanes, making a plan to get active with your family seems only natural. With today’s average U.S. adult [...]

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Growing Pains: Online Help For Teens With Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain is difficult to endure at any age, but the condition presents particular challenges for teens, who must navigate normal growing pains with the added weight of an ongoing health condition. While injuries, nerve damage, and other health conditions are sometimes to blame for chronic pain among teenagers, there’s [...]

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The Link Between Childhood Chronic Pain And Fibromyalgia

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There are approximately 1.5 billion worldwide chronic pain sufferers in the world, with one in 50 children under the age of eighteen suffering from chronic pain. Fifteen percent of all children suffer from musculoskeletal pain and other aches, but 2% of children suffer from pain that is debilitating enough to [...]