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Back Pain Exercise Tips

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Often when it comes to back pain, the recommend treatment is rest. Sometimes pain relievers, such as NSAIDs, can also help reduce the recovery time. However, there are times when gentle exercises can speed the healing process. Exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles in the back can improve the [...]

Chronic Back Pain Linked to Clinical Depression

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Chronic back pain--that is, back pain that last six months or longer--can have negative effects on the health of our body, but also our mind. Those with chronic back pain are believed to suffer from clinical depression at rates four times higher than the general public. Likewise, 75% of people [...]

What Is Tai Chi and How Can It Help With Pain?

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Tai chi is a form of exercise developed in ancient China that has been practiced for centuries as a therapeutic, healing routine. Instead of jarring, high-intensity exercises, tai chi focuses on low-impact, slow moving, naturally flowing movements that are done softly and thoughtfully. Movements are often circular and muscles are [...]

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