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Top Ten In October: Nerve Pain

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During October on Nevada Pain, we discussed a variety of topics, especially those that dealt directly with nerve pain. Here's our top ten takeaways from the month. 1. Nerve pain can be caused by many different things  Nerve pain isn't only caused by one issue. Instead, there are many different [...]

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Causes And Symptoms Of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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Complex regional pain syndrome is a chronic pain condition that is as complex as it is rare. When a person sustains an injury, sometimes the nerves are damaged, causing the central and peripheral nervous systems to send and receive confusing or incorrect signals to the brain. The result is pain [...]

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Understanding The Many Types Of Nerve Pain

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The term “neuropathy” refers to a disorder or disease of the nerves. This can include sensory numbness, muscle weakness or paralysis, gastric dysfunction, or pain. The pain caused by neuropathy is referred to as neuropathic pain, or nerve pain. There are many different types of nerve pain, divided into categories based [...]