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Using Games to Improve Mental Health

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According to the World Health Organization, nearly 36 million people suffer from dementia worldwide. Since there is currently no cure for dementia, or its leading cause Alzheimer's disease, many healthcare professionals have suggested that individuals practice preventative lifestyle strategies. While a good, balanced diet and physical activity are well-known preventative [...]

Alzheimer’s Disease News

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Alzheimer's disease, a mental condition that impacts memory and behavior, is a scary consideration for many people. The disease currently has no known cure and the steady progression of it can cause many people who suffer from it to eventually lose the ability to complete everyday tasks and maintain their [...]

Reduce Dementia Risk With Exercise

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Dementia, a chronic condition that impacts memory and cognitive ability, affects over 35 million people world-wide with another 7.7 million new cases every year. As the average age continues to increase over the coming decades, healthcare professionals expect this number to rise. While there are a few identifiable causes of dementia, [...]

Legislators Decide on Key Nevada Medicine Topics

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Sessions of the Nevada Legislature are held every two years and the most recent one, beginning in February 2013, covered a variety of topics and possible legislation that affect many in Nevada. The following gives a brief summary of some Nevada medicine bills that were revised or passed during this [...]

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