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The Not-So-Fantastic-4: Raising Awareness For Men’s Health Month

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June is Men’s Health Month, a month to raise awareness and increase education surrounding the health of men and boys. It may be a stereotype that men avoid the doctor, but in some cases it can be a deadly stereotype. There are diseases that affect men more than women, and [...]

The Latest Research On Obesity

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Obesity is arguably the most pressing health issue of our time. Obesity-related illness is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. As such, research on why we are obese and ways to combat this epidemic has grown considerably in the past decade. Here are a few recent [...]

Kidney Health For All On World Kidney Day

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The second Thursday in March is designated as World Kidney Day, and this year it falls on March 12th. World Kidney Day was developed to raise awareness of the important role kidneys play in our overall health and to spread awareness on chronic kidney disease and treatment. This year’s theme [...]

Top 10 In November On Nevada Pain

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From diabetes management to holidays to managing pain at work, we've covered a lot of pain news and lifestyle tips during the month of November on Nevada Pain. 10. Asking for reasonable accommodations for chronic pain  Chronic pain--that is, pain that's lasted three months or more--can affect all areas of life, [...]

Cold Weather Tips For Diabetes

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For people living with diabetes, cold weather may make it more difficult to maintain regulated blood sugar levels. Frosty temperatures stress the body, and that stress frequently causes blood sugar levels to rise. Don’t despair—knowledge is power. And with that in mind, we’ve collected some cold weather tips for diabetes [...]

Cooking To Stop Diabetes: Observing American Diabetes Month

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November is American Diabetes Month, and this year the American Diabetes Association is focusing on cooking to stop diabetes. According to statistics on their website: Approximately 30 million people in the U.S. have diabetes An additional 86 million have prediabetes The cost of diagnosed diabetes in the U.S. is $245 [...]

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