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Reducing Diabetic Pain With Diet

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Pain associated with diabetes is normally caused by damage to the nerve cells. It effectively "starves" these nerves by eating away at the blood vessels that feed them. Since it begins with the smallest and most delicate nerve cells, diabetic pain most often begins in the feet or hands. Diabetic peripheral [...]

New Research on Exercise for Pain Relief

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Many researchers are beginning to unlock the benefits of exercise for overall health and wellness. As discussed earlier, John J. Ratey, MD claims that exercise can improve neurological functioning and help treat many common mental conditions. Other researchers are now studying how exercise can impact and help treat chronic pain [...]

Can Capsaicin Help With Pain?

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Do you remember that burning feeling in your mouth after you've eaten a particularly hot pepper? That heat is created by a chemical found in peppers called capsaicin. There is even a culture of foodies in the United States who aim to eat some of the the hottest peppers in [...]

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