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What Causes Migraines?

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Migraines are an extreme form of headache that affect 36 million people in the U.S., 14 million of whom suffer from daily migraine pain. In addition to severe pain in various parts of the head (e.g., behind the eyes and ears), migraine sufferers may experience some or all of the [...]

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All About Whiplash

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The Spine Research Institute of San Diego estimates that as many as three million whiplash injuries occur in the United States every year. Additionally, whiplash is a common source of chronic neck pain, with as much as 45% of people with chronic neck pain attributing their pain to a past [...]

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Headaches In Children: Causes, Prevention, And Treatment

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Few things are worse than seeing your children in pain. If they have a scrape on their knee, it’s easy to clean it gently, bandage the knee, and give them a kiss. Usually that’s enough. But what about headaches in children? These can be harder to make “all better.” Children [...]

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Living With Head Pain

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During the course of June, we've covered many head pain topics to raise awareness during Migraine and Headache Awareness month. The purpose of this month was meant to shed light on the suffering that people with these pain conditions experience. Through awareness, we can all hope to see better treatments and [...]

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Track Your Migraines

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Medical professionals and those who have suffered from the long-term pain of migraine headaches understand the repetitive and patterned nature of this condition. Tracking the triggers and symptoms may be among the best tools a patient has to alleviate or eliminate migraine pain. There are multiple environmental, food, and emotional [...]

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Acupuncture For Migraines

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Acupuncture, a traditional form of Asian medicine that has become popular in the United States over the last several decades, may provide relief to some patients suffering from migraine headaches. The theory behind acupuncture is to use small needles inserted in the skin to increase the flow of the body's [...]

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