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Equipment For Managing Pain At Work

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Long days spent in an office chair can intensify the effects of chronic pain for some people. Fortunately, awareness around the issue of helping employees manage chronic pain is growing, and so are the possible remedies available. Chronic pain results in an estimated $61.2 billion in lost productivity annually, estimates [...]

What’s the Connection Between Stress and Headaches?

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We've all experienced headaches related to outside stressors. It might be a coworker, a boss, or a child who pushes you over the edge. Once that headache is there it is hard to recover since every time you think of the cause your blood pressure rises again. You may spend [...]

Have Migraines? This Device May Help

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According to a recent press release, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed marketing of the first device that can be used as a preventative treatment for migraine headaches. Migraine headaches, unfortunately, are a common condition for many people. Estimates note that up to 10% of people in the [...]

Is There a Role for Opiate Use for Headaches?

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Headaches range widely in severity and duration. A tension headache is quite different from a cluster headache. An acute headache is going to require significantly different treatment plan than a migraine headache. Is there a role for opiate use for headaches? At Nevada Pain, we look at the pros and [...]

Alternative Treatments for Headache Pain

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Headaches are caused by a multitude of triggers, however, they are defined as pain experienced by the nerves in the membranes inside the skull or major nerves that radiate out from the brain, most often caused by irritation, inflammation, or injury. Headaches themselves can further be subdivided into tension, cluster, [...]

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