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Resources For Las Vegas Vegetarians

By |2016-11-03T08:27:33-07:00March 6th, 2015|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , , , , , |

In Sin City, what could more decadent than a sizzling steak and a lobster tail? It may seem like Las Vegas vegetarians have few or no options for healthy eating, but we have rounded up some great places to satisfy even the most die-hard veggie lover, including farmer’s markets, community-supported [...]

Will Vegas Have A Doctor Shortage?

By |2016-11-03T08:33:28-07:00June 26th, 2014|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , |

A recent Vegas Inc article took an in-depth look at the doctor shortage issues that currently face Las Vegas. As many Vegas residents know, finding an opening for an available and well-regarded doctor can be difficult. Nevada remains among the lowest states in terms of the number of doctors per 100,000 [...]

Find Hiking Trails Near Las Vegas

By |2017-02-28T12:46:23-07:00May 8th, 2014|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Hiking can be one of the most stimulating and fun exercises you can do. Even better, it's often free (or very cheap if there's a park pass needed) and can be easier on your knees than running. If you want to get a taste of the fresh air, try out [...]

Medical News Around Nevada

By |2016-11-03T08:38:06-07:00March 5th, 2014|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , , |

Recently, there has been a lot of medical news around Nevada--from a new UNLV-based medical school opening up to the announcement of a partnership between Roseman University and the Nevada Cancer Institute. In a state that is beginning to show its own when it comes to medicine, the medical professionals [...]

The 2014 International CES Conference Wrap-Up

By |2016-11-03T08:39:14-07:00February 7th, 2014|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , , |

Last month's International CES conference brought over 150,000 attendees to Las Vegas to discuss technology for the coming year, with the Digital Health Summit taking a closer look at the latest products and ideas to impact health and wellness. Now that the conference goers have cleared out and locals can [...]

Roseman University and Cancer Institute Merge to Create New Medical School

By |2016-11-03T08:40:27-07:00January 13th, 2014|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , , |

It has turned out to be a few very exciting months for Nevada medicine! In November 2013, Roseman University also announced their plan to open up a Southern Nevada medical school following their merger with the Nevada Cancer Institute Foundation. Roseman University's school would be the first M.D. granting medical [...]

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