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Most Common Treatments for Low Back Pain

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Low back pain can run the gamut from merely annoying to chronic, debilitating pain. While the National Institutes of Health estimates that eight out of ten people will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, the reality is that many of these cases will be acute episodes [...]

How Can Osteoarthritis Cause Back Pain?

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The lumbar, or lower, region of the back is a common location to experience osteoarthritis. This is a disease that causes the cushioning tissues, or cartilage, on top of the bones to degenerate over time. It can cause pain and swelling in the affected areas. Osteoarthritis of the spine specifically [...]

Pain After Back Surgery

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Back pain is often caused by simple things--poor posture, excessive sitting, excessive weight, or injuries from sports or repetitive movements. However, there is a category of causes that are a bit more ironic in their nature, but also possibly more dangerous. Back pain may occur after spinal surgery due to [...]

Why Low Back Pain is one of the Worst Pain Conditions in the U.S.

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A study published in 2003 estimated that the cost of pain, including low back pain, for U.S. businesses was around $61 billion. This figure establishes the loss of productivity due to workers in the U.S. being unable to perform their jobs because of painful conditions. According to the National Institute [...]

What Causes Low Back Pain?

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Low back pain is a worldwide problem. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in countries all over the world, low back pain "ranks high (often first) as a cause of disability and inability to work, as an interference with the quality of life, and as a reason for medical [...]

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