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5 Holistic Treatments For Managing Stress

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It’s not stress that kills us. It’s our reaction to it. ~Hans Selya~ Stress is part of our everyday lives. We feel stress in our commute to work or when faced with a big deadline. There can be stress associated with homework time or dinner. Parents will especially acknowledge the [...]

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Reducing Painkiller Risks

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Chronic pain is a complicated issue. Defined as pain lasting longer than three to six months, chronic pain has no simple fix. Recent research on pain treatments and protocols has called into question indiscriminate use of opioids as a pain reliever for chronic pain patients. These painkillers have risks that [...]

What Does Meditation Do For The Brain?

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Meditation, in its most basic form, is the practice of training your mind to achieve a specific level of consciousness. However, since there are multiple forms of meditation, there is no single practice that can be considered the ultimate representation. Most of them are used to induce a state of [...]

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Can Visualization Help Reduce Chronic Pain?

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Visualization, the process of imagining specific scenes or imagery, is effective for helping people manage pain, according to a study conducted by the European Society of Cardiology. The mind and body are intimately connected, with thoughts influencing biology and biology influencing thoughts. For example, undesirable emotional states like stress and [...]

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How To Prevent Neuropathic Pain

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When living with chronic conditions such as neuropathic pain, undertaking foundational self-care practices helps to limit symptoms and improve your ability to live life fully. Watch and Learn About Neuropathic Pain Fortunately, these health- and vitality-building practices not only benefit nerve pain, they also usually work to improve [...]

Biofeedback Training For Chronic Leg Pain

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Because of the number of possible causes of acute and chronic leg pain, your specific treatment plan will vary. Patients who rely on medications are often frustrated by the side effects. Physical therapy may also have limitations for leg pain relief. A possible alternative treatment for chronic leg pain, however, [...]

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