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What Are Migraine Auras?

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Only 1 in 5 migraine sufferers experience the phenomenon known as an aura. Migraine auras typically occur right before the onset of migraine pain and usually last between 5 and 30 minutes. Often these auras begin with stranger, neurological experiences that include ringing in the ears, strange flashes or streaks [...]

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Is There A Genetic Link Between Migraine Sufferers?

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In 2013, researchers released their findings on new genetic causes of migraines. They discovered several shared traits among migraine sufferers that seem to indicate a hereditary origin. 5 separate segments of the genetic code were discovered that track the links among those suffering from migraine headaches. Some of these genes [...]

How Hormones Affect Headaches

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A woman's menstrual cycle can affect more than just monthly periods. During each phase of the month, the hormonal changes that a woman faces may trigger other things such as cramps or even headaches. Women's hormones actually can affect headache fluctuations each month. The hormones estrogen and progesterone affect headache [...]

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The 4 Phases Of Migraines

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Migraine sufferers understand that migraine pain can be absolutely crippling. One of the many reasons migraine headaches can be so debilitating are the 4 phases of  pain a sufferer will experience during a migraine attack. Migraine headache pain can last hours or even days. Let's look at the 4 phases [...]

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Do Opioids Help Migraines?

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In the thick of a migraine attack, the strongest painkiller sounds the most appealing. Anything to alleviate the pain. But the very strongest class of painkillers there is, opioids, don't effectively treat migraine pain, researchers say. An abstract published in the journal Headache found opioids could even worsen migraine pain, [...]

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What Are Sphenopalatine Ganglion Blocks?

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Nerve blocks are one type of treatment for chronic pain conditions. Depending on the specific pain and region of the body, your doctor can help you determine what type of nerve block is right for you. What are sphenopalatine ganglion blocks? Sphenopalatine ganglion blocks are used specifically for headaches, such as [...]

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