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Are There Unsafe Supplements?

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Food and dietary supplements can have big benefits for health and wellness, unfortunately however, there are more than a few unsafe supplements being sold today. In the U.S., dietary supplements themselves fall into a regulatory black hole. They're not drugs, so they can't be outright banned, but they're also not [...]

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Using Acupuncture for Back Pain

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Lower back pain is a worldwide problem. According to the Global Burden of Disease 2012 report, it is the single leading cause of disability globally and it affects over one half of all people in the U.S. The American Chiropractic Association estimates that 80% of people will experience back pain [...]

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Three Myths About Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice of healing the body, preventing disease, and relieving pain. To perform acupuncture, a licensed practitioner inserts stainless steel, sterilized needles along energy pathways of the body, called meridians. Blockages or disruptions of these pathways is thought to cause disease. By placing the needles throughout [...]

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Resources for Chiropractic News

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If you're interested in learning more about chiropractic care, it is important to keep up with the latest in chiropractic news. These resources can help you find the latest information on treatments, innovations, and procedures. The American Chiropractic Association The American Chiropractic Association is the leading association for chiropractors and [...]

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