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Living a Full Life With Back Pain

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As we've talked about for the last month on Inside Nevada Pain, back pain is a serious issue facing so many of us, but there are ways to life a full life with back pain. There are risk factors that make us more disposed towards back pain, and our anatomy [...]

Lumbar Facet Joint Nerve Blocks for Back Pain

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Depending on the source and type of your back pain you may have discussed and considered the possibility of a lumbar facet joint nerve block with your pain specialist. What is this procedure and what are the benefits? Moreso, what are the potential benefits to your condition and overall health? [...]

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Alternative Treatments for Headache Pain

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Headaches are caused by a multitude of triggers, however, they are defined as pain experienced by the nerves in the membranes inside the skull or major nerves that radiate out from the brain, most often caused by irritation, inflammation, or injury. Headaches themselves can further be subdivided into tension, cluster, [...]

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