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The Future of Opioid Regulations

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Opioids. Opiates. Prescription painkillers. Heavy narcotics. All of these are names that can refer to the prescription medicines that resemble opiates in their pharmacological effects. They may include drugs containing morphine, codeine, oxycodone, or hydrocodone. With proper use, these prescriptions can be a safe way to manage pain and create [...]

Urine Drug Tests for Prescription Painkiller Management

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One of the key preventative strategies for safe prescription painkiller management is the use of urine drug tests. Education in itself is important for better managing prescription painkiller use as both the patient and physician need to be fully aware of the potential for risks. Abusers of prescription painkillers often [...]

Is There a Role for Opiate Use for Headaches?

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Headaches range widely in severity and duration. A tension headache is quite different from a cluster headache. An acute headache is going to require significantly different treatment plan than a migraine headache. Is there a role for opiate use for headaches? At Nevada Pain, we look at the pros and [...]

Operation OpioidSAFE Counteracts Chronic Pain

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The realities of chronic pain among U.S. veterans are sobering. The Department of Veterans Affairs can't actually estimate exactly how many soldiers have chronic pain, since the military mentality of keeping quiet about pain, along with other combat-related side effects, has made it difficult for veterans to admit to their [...]

Adolescent Abuse of Painkiller Medications

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While we understand that abuse of painkiller medications is a problem in this country for adults, we also need to consider how this issue is be affecting our young people. In a study by the American Psychological Association, it was shown that adolescent children have a greater risk of developing [...]

Drug Profile: Buprenorphine

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Buprenorphine, called bupe for short, is a opiate drug produced by Reckitt Benckiser that was originally meant to treat patients addicted to other, more dangerous, opiod medications like methadone or heroin. Sold in the form of Suboxone and Subutex, buprenorphine attaches to the brain's opioid receptors, but it is much [...]

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