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New Research on Profiles of Opioid Abuse

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The abuse of prescription medications, specifically opioids, is unfortunately not uncommon. Several high profile celebrities have battled with opioid abuse in the public eye. However, new research is showing some interesting similarities in the profiles of prescription drug abusers. Oxycodone and hydrocodone are the most preferred drugs among 75% of [...]

Documentaries Profiling Opiate Use (and Abuse)

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The risks for the use and abuse of prescription painkillers, also known as opioids and opiates, are just beginning to come to light thanks to researchers, as well as documentary producers. While researchers handle the scientific and statistical evidence for or against long-term opiate use, many people behind the camera [...]

Painkiller Overprescription and its U.S. Death Toll

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The number of deaths in the United States attributed to painkiller medications reached nearly 16,000 in 2009. Both cocaine and heroin related deaths in the same year were only approximately 3,000 each. This statistic in the United States is astounding considering our advancements in medical care and treatments. The highest [...]

Half of Non-Surgical Patients Prescribed Opiates

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It may be shocking to hear that more than half of non-surgical hospital patients are prescribed opiates by their doctors after they are admitted to the hospital. These effective but highly habit forming drugs are being over-administered by the very doctors we trust with our health. A study published by [...]

Oxycodone Is Most Dangerous Drug in Clark County

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Oxycodone is in the class of drugs known as opioids, or opiates. It is a semi-synthetic medication often prescribed for moderate to severe pain management, but increasingly often, is now used irresponsibly. Rather than heroine, cocaine, or methamphetamine, that you'd assume were the deadliest drugs in Clark County, this prescribed [...]

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