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The Not-So-Fantastic-4: Raising Awareness For Men’s Health Month

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June is Men’s Health Month, a month to raise awareness and increase education surrounding the health of men and boys. It may be a stereotype that men avoid the doctor, but in some cases it can be a deadly stereotype. There are diseases that affect men more than women, and [...]

Capsaicin For Pain

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Capsaicin, the compound in peppers that gives them their tell-tale heat, is a surprisingly effective treatment for pain. It is hard to believe when you bite into a particularly hot pepper and flail around for relief that this heat can be a positive force for pain management. The heat level [...]

Stem Cell Research Brings Potential For Pain Relief

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Emerging stem cell research is bringing doctors closer every day to helping patients who suffer from chronic pain improve their quality of life through this cutting-edge treatment. Scientists know that stem cells are blank canvases with the ability to transform into specialized cells. The heart, brain, kidneys, and skin—all parts [...]

Top 5 Benefits Of Water Exercises For Chronic Pain

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The information about water exercises is encouraging. The CDC notes that swimmers have half the risk of death compared with inactive people. A study from Indiana University found that actively swimming as an older adult can actually delay the aging process for decades. WebMD calls water exercise "the easiest workout for people [...]

The 2 Primary Types Of Leg Pain

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When we discuss leg pain, we normally discuss 2 different forms of the pain: pain related to musculoskeletal damage or pain that occurs due to damage or injury in the nervous system. During this month on Nevada Inside Pain, we gave an in-depth look to both of these types of leg pain. [...]

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