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Treating And Preventing Osteoporosis Through Awareness

By |2016-11-03T08:32:47-07:00July 25th, 2014|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , , , |

Osteoporosis, or fragile bones, has been referred to as the “untreated epidemic.” This disease is a loss of bone density that leads to increasingly high risk for broken bones. Several treatment options exist for osteoporosis, but because there are no noticeable symptoms until after a bone has broken, many people [...]

Nevada Pain Now Serving Patients in Las Vegas and Henderson

By |2016-11-03T08:33:20-07:00June 27th, 2014|Categories: Press Release|Tags: , , , |

Nevada has a new leading pain management center specializing in the treatment for chronic and acute pain conditions. Originally published on on June 18, 2014 Nevada Pain, ( is now offering those who suffer chronic pain world-class care at their two new pain management clinic locations in Las Vegas [...]

Benefits of Writing for Stress and Pain Management

By |2016-11-22T17:58:52-07:00April 21st, 2014|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , , , , |

The connections between meditation and stress or exercise and pain management are easy to draw. Did you know there may be more low-impact options to help manage your stress and pain, though? Art therapy, which is often used in psychology to help individuals overcome their mental blocks and explore their [...]

Biofeedback Training for Pain Management

By |2017-09-29T13:32:20-07:00February 28th, 2014|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , |

It has been shown in many studies that optimistic thinking has an overall positive impact on health and well-being. Is it possible for patients, and science, to take a step beyond just thinking about feeling better and actually use the mind to create feelings of comfort? This is the idea [...]

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