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New Research Into How The Brain Processes Pain

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The brain is a miraculous organ. It governs everything our body feels and experiences, regulates body functions both automatic and voluntary, and does so with marvelous efficiency. Every day, research is gaining new understandings about how the brain works the way it does and why it functions in certain ways. [...]

Raising Pain Awareness

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For Pain Awareness Month in September, we took a good look at the ways ordinary people live their daily lives, even with pain. Education, awareness, and conversations with healthcare professionals can help guide those daily decisions and choices for the better. With even more education and public awareness, pain sufferers can [...]

How Can Physical Therapy Help With My Pain?

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Physical therapy is a practice that uses active and passive techniques to treat, heal, and prevent injuries or disabilities. Trained, licensed physical therapists are experts in relieving pain, improving mobility, and restoring function to different areas of the body. As such, many chronic pain patients may attend physical therapy sessions in [...]

What Controls Pain Sensitivity?

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We all know that the perceived experience of pain varies widely from individual to individual. Researchers are just now beginning to understand why that is by studying both genetic and environmental variables. Pain sensitivity, the point at which stimulus is regarded as painful or not, was studied among 25 pairs [...]

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