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The 2 Primary Types Of Leg Pain

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When we discuss leg pain, we normally discuss 2 different forms of the pain: pain related to musculoskeletal damage or pain that occurs due to damage or injury in the nervous system. During this month on Nevada Inside Pain, we gave an in-depth look to both of these types of leg pain. [...]

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Causes Of Neuropathic Leg Pain

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Neuropathic leg pain is a complex condition that results from nerve damage and usually develops in concert with tissue injury. Nerves are a critical component to the body’s overall functioning. Collectively referred to as the nervous system, nerves control fundamental body processes such as heart rate and blood pressure. They [...]

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Can Capsaicin Help With Pain?

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Do you remember that burning feeling in your mouth after you've eaten a particularly hot pepper? That heat is created by a chemical found in peppers called capsaicin. There is even a culture of foodies in the United States who aim to eat some of the the hottest peppers in [...]

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