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The Future of Opioid Regulations

By |2016-11-03T08:39:26-07:00January 30th, 2014|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , , , |

Opioids. Opiates. Prescription painkillers. Heavy narcotics. All of these are names that can refer to the prescription medicines that resemble opiates in their pharmacological effects. They may include drugs containing morphine, codeine, oxycodone, or hydrocodone. With proper use, these prescriptions can be a safe way to manage pain and create [...]

How Does Painkiller Tolerance Occur?

By |2016-11-03T08:39:45-07:00January 27th, 2014|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , , , , , |

If you have never experienced it yourself, you have probably heard others say that the same amount of painkillers simply don't work for them anymore. Just how does this type of painkiller tolerance happen? Sometimes the effects can be psychological and sometimes they can be biological. First, we need to [...]

Urine Drug Tests for Prescription Painkiller Management

By |2016-11-03T08:40:21-07:00January 17th, 2014|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , , |

One of the key preventative strategies for safe prescription painkiller management is the use of urine drug tests. Education in itself is important for better managing prescription painkiller use as both the patient and physician need to be fully aware of the potential for risks. Abusers of prescription painkillers often [...]

Can Apps Help Pain Sufferers Manage Prescription Painkillers?

By |2016-12-23T14:49:14-07:00January 15th, 2014|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , , , , , |

In today's technology driven world, the use of online and mobile applications is skyrocketing. At one time thought only to be useful for the younger generations, today everyone has access to technology that makes daily organization easier. Can pain sufferers use these apps to better manage and monitor their use [...]

Pain in the Drain Program Disposes of Unused Medicine Safely

By |2016-11-03T08:40:24-07:00January 14th, 2014|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , , |

Amid concerns of prescription painkiller abuse, many pharmaceutical companies began printing directions on the bottle to flush any unused pills in the toilet. While this approach attempts to fix the problem of others accessing prescription pain pills from an unlocked medicine cabinet, Clark County's Pain in the Drain program does [...]

How Can Opioids Influence or Exacerbate Mental Health Issues?

By |2018-04-11T10:12:13-07:00January 10th, 2014|Categories: Inside Nevada Pain|Tags: , , , , , , , |

When faced with the need to medicate for chronic pain, patients need to feel comfortable asking questions and taking control of their care. Opioids are a common treatment for many pain issues, but there are some risks and it is important to be aware of them. A study by Oregon [...]

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