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Inspire Your New Year’s Health Resolutions

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Social media is a powerful tool for inspiration to achieve your New Year’s health resolutions and maintain lifestyle changes. It’s also a wonderful way to connect with others who are trying to live a healthy life despite chronic pain, helping you feel understood and less alone. Countless people use social [...]

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Capsaicin For Pain

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Capsaicin, the compound in peppers that gives them their tell-tale heat, is a surprisingly effective treatment for pain. It is hard to believe when you bite into a particularly hot pepper and flail around for relief that this heat can be a positive force for pain management. The heat level [...]

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International Assistance Dog Week

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The tradition of International Assistance Dog Week began in 2009. It was founded to recognize the benefits of assistance dogs, honor the many people who help raise and train these dogs, and raise funds to support assistance dog organizations. This year, International Assistance Dog Week falls from the 3rd through [...]

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Can Capsaicin Help With Pain?

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Do you remember that burning feeling in your mouth after you've eaten a particularly hot pepper? That heat is created by a chemical found in peppers called capsaicin. There is even a culture of foodies in the United States who aim to eat some of the the hottest peppers in [...]

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