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Should You Start Running?

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On a beautiful Saturday morning in the springtime, they are everywhere. No, not birds, not lady bugs, not even farmer’s markets. Joggers. Runners. People who get up in the morning, strap on their running shoes, and head out for a jog. These same people might run a 10K on Thanksgiving [...]

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How To Pick The Correct Walking Or Running Shoes

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Walking is one of the best ways to break into regular exercise. If you've never been very active, just adding a 20 minute walk every day will help you get on track when it comes to fitness. However, if it isn't something you've done before you may be at a [...]

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Is Barefoot Running Safe?

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Have you heard of barefoot running? The movement was set off by the highly popular book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and advises people to run without shoes in order to prevent injuries. Proponents of barefoot running point to our style of running with shoes and without. With shoes, we [...]

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