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Celebrating Men’s Health Week

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Men's Health Week is a time to be aware of the health issues that men face in our society. While there have been many advancements in men's health over the years, men still face a number of challenges. Let's take a look at what Men's Health Week means and how [...]

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Quit Smoking to Improve Your Mental Health

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In a recent study published by the British Medical Journal, researchers set out to determine if quitting smoking had additional benefits for mental health beyond the physical benefits already established. Current, popular belief among smokers is that continuing smoking helps alleviate stress and promotes mental well-being. However, this is not [...]

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The Relationship Between Smoking and Pain

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Cigarette smoking has long been the subject of medical scrutiny for all of the possible negative effects on the body. While much of the research focuses on the cancer causing properties of cigarettes, some studies have also shown a correlation between smoking and chronic pain. According to one study published [...]

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