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Preventing Soccer Injuries

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Have you considered taking up soccer during the recent excitement with the World Cup? Soccer (or football for the majority of the world) actually has many health benefits, especially when played with proper equipment and while using strategies for preventing soccer injuries. Health benefits of playing soccer From cardiovascular health and endurance [...]

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When To See A Doctor?

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Pulled muscles, stiffness, soreness, and other minor injuries can happen when we exercise. They are not uncommon and, most of the time, aren't long-term or debilitating. How do you know when an injury will heal by itself or when you need the skills and care of a medical doctor? Your [...]

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Hot And Cold Therapy To Ease Pain

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For acute muscle soreness and joint pain caused by exercise, there are a number of potential remedies. Over-the-counter medications may provide some relief but also have unnecessary side effects. Some creams and ointments can also help alleviate pain in the short term. However, one therapy that has lasted through the [...]

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Treating An Exercise Injury

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As we've discussed on the blog, exercise is a crucial component of a healthy, full life. The risk for injury is normally not a reason to avoid activity all together. Instead, make a plan, consider lower intensity exercises first, always pay attention to proper form and safety, and do a proper [...]

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Low Impact Exercise Options for Knee Pain

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Knee pain doesn't have to result in avoiding physical activity altogether. If you suffer from knee pain due to a variety of conditions, including sports injuries or arthritis, you probably wonder what the best exercises are to maintain fitness and alleviate pain. Luckily, there are a quite a few options [...]

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