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7 Ways To Treat Nerve Pain

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Finding the right treatment for nerve pain is a very personal thing. Different methods work for different people, and the best thing to do is try a variety of treatments until identifying those with the most benefit. Some treatments are very particular to an individual’s case. For example, if someone’s [...]

Natural Remedies for Quality Sleep

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If you find sleep elusive or just want to have better quality sleep and feel more rested in the morning, consider some of the natural remedies available. While there are some physical activities you can do, like meditation or yoga to get a better, there are also a number of [...]

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Chondroitin – Glucosamine Treatment For Osteoarthritis

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There is a lot of interesting research available about what can or can't help relieve pain for individuals dealing with osteoarthritis. What about supplements such as glucosamine or chondroitin? Can these really help alleviate pain related to osteoarthritis? It seems as though experts are split about how helpful these two [...]

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Are There Unsafe Supplements?

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Food and dietary supplements can have big benefits for health and wellness, unfortunately however, there are more than a few unsafe supplements being sold today. In the U.S., dietary supplements themselves fall into a regulatory black hole. They're not drugs, so they can't be outright banned, but they're also not [...]

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Does Willow Bark Help Low Back Pain?

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Willow bark from key varieties of the willow tree, including white and black willows, has been used since the time of Hippocrates to treat pain and inflammation, especially low back pain. Since low back pain is the leading cause of disability for people in the U.S., finding a holistic, alternative [...]

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Vitamins that Are Helpful for Treating Pain

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Whenever we think about treatment for pain we tend to only consider medications, therapy, exercise, and other similar resources. However, one of the most effective treatments may be adding the proper vitamins to your diet to help treat your pain and allow you to find more balance in your day [...]

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