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Are There Unsafe Supplements?

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Food and dietary supplements can have big benefits for health and wellness, unfortunately however, there are more than a few unsafe supplements being sold today. In the U.S., dietary supplements themselves fall into a regulatory black hole. They're not drugs, so they can't be outright banned, but they're also not [...]

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Natural Supplements by the Numbers

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Marketing for natural supplements for health and wellness is big business. How do you know if you are getting the right products or using them correctly for your lifestyle? Who is really using natural supplements? You may want to take a look at the numbers behind the business of natural [...]

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Vitamins that Are Helpful for Treating Pain

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Whenever we think about treatment for pain we tend to only consider medications, therapy, exercise, and other similar resources. However, one of the most effective treatments may be adding the proper vitamins to your diet to help treat your pain and allow you to find more balance in your day [...]

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