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The Connection Between Healthcare Costs And Body Mass

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In a recent study by Duke Medicine, it appears that an increase in our pant size leads to a decrease in our bank accounts. Researchers found that the costs associated with healthcare climbed as patients' body mass index (BMI) rose. The researchers found that costs associated with medical and drug [...]

Using Games to Lose Weight

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We live in interesting times. In generations past, exercise was part of our daily routines. Walking and farming provided all of the exercise we needed to maintain a reasonable standard of health. But the industrial age changed all that and eventually led to our current society wherein a large percentage [...]

Four Ways to Lose Weight, Safely and Healthily

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Unfortunately, this post will not tell you that you can lose weight in a week. It certainly won't talk about fad diets that could end up hurting rather than helping your overall health. Over and over, research has shown that weight that falls off within a week or after a round [...]

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