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All About Whiplash

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The Spine Research Institute of San Diego estimates that as many as three million whiplash injuries occur in the United States every year. Additionally, whiplash is a common source of chronic neck pain, with as much as 45% of people with chronic neck pain attributing their pain to a past [...]

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Living With Head Pain

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During the course of June, we've covered many head pain topics to raise awareness during Migraine and Headache Awareness month. The purpose of this month was meant to shed light on the suffering that people with these pain conditions experience. Through awareness, we can all hope to see better treatments and [...]

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Causes Of Neck Pain

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Our culture is often so focused on the severity of back pain that neck pain becomes dismissed or lost in the shuffle. However, neck pain affects more than 10% of the entire world population each year. Watch this Video and Learn About Neck Pain Neck pain can be [...]

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Low Back Pain and Car Accidents

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Many of us immediately think about whiplash when we think about injuries caused by car accidents. However, even slow impact car crashes can result in low back pain that can cause discomfort and chronic issues. In 2010, seatbelt usage increased to 85% from just 69% in 1998 and the National [...]

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