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Inspire Your New Year’s Health Resolutions

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Social media is a powerful tool for inspiration to achieve your New Year’s health resolutions and maintain lifestyle changes. It’s also a wonderful way to connect with others who are trying to live a healthy life despite chronic pain, helping you feel understood and less alone. Countless people use social [...]

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Raising Pain Awareness

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For Pain Awareness Month in September, we took a good look at the ways ordinary people live their daily lives, even with pain. Education, awareness, and conversations with healthcare professionals can help guide those daily decisions and choices for the better. With even more education and public awareness, pain sufferers can [...]

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Celebrating National Yoga Awareness Month

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The practice of yoga started in India thousands of years ago. Over the centuries, it has slowly moved into the West. At first, only the most alternative people embraced the practice, and researchers didn’t always accept yoga’s purported benefits—namely the huge impact on health the practice has. But that’s changing. [...]

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Yoga For Neck Pain And Headaches

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Yoga is an excellent way to improve strength and flexibility in the body. The deep breathing that comes with yoga helps practitioners become more aware of the tension in their bodies, and consistent yoga practice helps to release stress and the pain that it can bring. One of the main [...]

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Incorporating Exercise Into Your Life

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Integrating exercise into your daily routine doesn't have to be difficult and it can have huge benefits for your health. One of the major reasons for not starting an exercise program can be the cost. A gym membership is often based on a year-long contract that you may not necessarily [...]

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